Specialty Trucks

Heavy Duty, Explosion Proof, Die Handlers in Indiana

Every application is different, and Industrial Truck Sales and Service (ITS) seeks to provide quality trucks for even the most special needs. We carry heavy industry and special requirement trucks, as well as, explosion proof, die handlers, and custom lifts. If you have a special application need we can help get you in the right specialty truck.

princeton piggyback forklift

Princeton Truck-Mounted Forklifts

Princeton PiggyBack® Truck-mounted forklifts can be attached to the back of your truck to simplify deliveries by allowing your driver to load and unload materials without having to coordinate with another forklift operator.

kalmar forklift

Kalmar Large Capacity Forklifts

With lifting capacity up to 110,000 lbs., Kalmar forklifts excel in extremely demanding environments with long shifts, heavy loads and high demands on accessibility.

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